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Great Night with Friends

Hello, I just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for the professionalism and kindness we received at my son’s birthday party last night. My son came home last night and told me “My party was everything I thought it would be. It was exactly what I wanted for my birthday, I got to have a great night with my friends.” My son is 9. When planning his party, due to the time of year, I even offered to get an XBOX rather than have a big friend party. However my son chose United Skates RI. My children love your place and all it has to offer!

I wanted to thank Lindsay our party person and Sue, with whom I spoke to what I called earlier in the week to ask some questions. You both made our families experience a very positive one. I truly thank you!


Guests had a Blast

We had our daughter’s birthday party at USA on Sunday. I just wanted to give you feedback on our experience there. All the staff were very kind and helpful. It is always important to me that when you host a birthday party at a venue that the staff are good to my guests. I had two children that got a toy with their tickets and they broke shortly after and they were not given any problems at all in replacing them. I liked the fact that you cut the cake and helped pass it out. All of my guests had a blast and some are thinking of booking parties for themselves. Thought you would like the feedback. Thank you.

The Medeiros Family

Every Year it Gets Better

Birthday Party Testimonials

I am writing to you today to let you know that I am booking my son’s 11th birthday party with you. This is the 3rd year we have chosen your facility. Every year it gets better! Your staff is great & the laser tag is the top of the line. The kids love it & I must sat that the adults love it almost as much. It is great to have activities that the parents can get involved in along with the kids. I treasure these years with my son & I know that these birthday parties will be something the will always look back on and remember what a great time we had. Thank you from my family.

Amanda Ryan

Coolest Party Ever

Roller Skating Party Testimonial

I would like thank you all for the INCREDIBLE experience. We have three boys and that means we’ve thrown a lot of birthday parties… but none compare to yours! First of all, the kids had a blast at Laser Storm, so did the parents, for that matter. Second of all, the price was incredible – and everything was included! And finally, our party hostess Tiffany, was the best ever! She was one step ahead of us at all times – we never had to ask for a single thing. The entire staff was kid-oriented and helped make our son’s 9th birthday party, in his words, “the coolest party I’ve ever had!”

The Dean Family

Most Memorable Parties Ever

Birthday Party Testimonial

We once again would like to thank you for making our son’s 10th birthday party one of the best and most memorable parties ever! All the boys are still talking about playing laser tag with Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper – and how ‘awesome’ it was. They all went home raving to their parents – who have asked me all about it. We were even at CVS on Saturday printing out pictures and a few people asked us where the party was and where they could get a Darth Vader and Storm Trooper!” Thank the boys who were in the costumes for us – I hope they were able to enjoy they boys reactions too. I have to say, my son (and many of the other boys) were very intimidated by Darth Vader at first… but by the second laser tag game they were sharing “I blasted Darth Vader” stories. They were all amused by the poor Storm Trooper being blasted so often because he completely glowed in the arena. Thanks again! PS – my husband called his mother to tell her about the party and says he wants to have his next party there! ūüôā

John and Dyana Bogdan

Private Party Testimonial

What a fantastic Family Night the Seekonk Elementary School students and families¬†had at our private Halloween themed skating¬†party.¬†¬†Sue Chase and her¬†professional staff continuously display a¬†caring work ethic in order to make every event throughout the night run smoothly so all of the guests would have a great experience.¬†¬†To make the planning easier, Sue offered excellent suggestions and advice to plan the perfect party.¬† She left the decision making up to us and took care of every need we had.¬† We would like to compliment¬†Sue on making sure every last detail was covered.¬† First of all,¬†she and her manager were¬†very accessible, accommodating and easy¬†to work with all night.¬†¬† Other important details that were greatly appreciated¬†were scheduling Skato the dinosaur to visit the students at school before the party, supplying posters and flyers,¬†opening up all the registers so there was no waiting in line, handing out¬†door prizes, setting up tables for¬† our pumpkin raffle, having guest characters for the costume parade, prizes for the costume contest, laser tag winner announcements¬†and¬† scheduling sufficient staff to accommodate over 500 people!¬† It is obvious that a tremendous amount of time and effort was put into the planning and organization of this party.¬† The staff even helped celebrate by dressing up in costumes which created a great atmosphere.¬† Seekonk students and their families are looking forward to having another themed skating party very soon.¬† We couldn’t ask for a better place to meet with friends, get a little exercise, and¬†just have a few hours of care-free fun.¬† Thank you for all of your help and dedication.

Martin School PTO
Seekonk, Massachusetts

Back for Many Years to Come

Hi, I just wanted to send a little note to say thanks. We have been coming to United Skates for a few years and we have a few birthday parties there. I am so glad that you are there on those long winter days when the weather is gloomy but coming there brightens up our day. Your staff, who are mostly teenagers, are always so pleasant you never hear any negativity coming from them like you do at a lot of other places. It’s refreshing to come to a place like that. Not to mention that my children learned how to skate there and now they are pros.

Thanks for giving us something to do on those cold winter day and hot dog-days of summer. We will be coming back for many years to come!

M. Poirier

Wonderful, family-orientated

United Skates of America is a wonderful, family-oriented place to skate. The rink (it’s a rink, not a square room like all other skating place) itself is amazing – it’s huge, clean and well-staffed by skate guards. The entire staff is friendly and seem to have the same goal, to make your visit pleasant. We have been to other indoor roller skating rinks and none compare to this place. It is unfortunate for us that it takes an hour to get there from home, but we won’t go anywhere else!

Susan F.

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