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Most Memorable Parties Ever

We once again would like to thank you for making our son’s 10th birthday party one of the best and most memorable parties ever! All the boys are still talking about playing laser tag with Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper – and how ‘awesome’ it was. They all went home raving to their parents – who have asked me all about it. We were even at CVS on Saturday printing out pictures and a few people asked us where the party was and where they could get a Darth Vader and Storm Trooper!” Thank the boys who were in the costumes for us – I hope they were able to enjoy they boys reactions too. I have to say, my son (and many of the other boys) were very intimidated by Darth Vader at first… but by the second laser tag game they were sharing “I blasted Darth Vader” stories. They were all amused by the poor Storm Trooper being blasted so often because he completely glowed in the arena. Thanks again! PS – my husband called his mother to tell her about the party and says he wants to have his next party there! 🙂